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"A clever plot and astute characterizations help drive this coming-of-age tale with a malevolent twist. Readers will eagerly await Breier's next."
Publishers Weekly

"A mysterious death by the train tracks. Secrets and lies that tear families apart. The new best friend who becomes the ultimate frenemy. A seemingly supernatural phenomenon at the lake. All this and more come together in Sinkhole...the final chapters had me holding my breath. I could not put the book down until the very end. And what an ending it is!"

"Sinkhole deserves to be on year-end best of lists across the board and this debut novel will amass Davida G. Breier a cult fan-following who will anxiously wait to see what she has to offer next."
Bolo Books

Boiled peanuts, lovebugs, and murder.

Lies from the past and a dangerous present collide when, after fifteen years in exile, Michelle Miller returns to her tiny hometown of Lorida, Florida. With her mother in the hospital, she's forced to reckon with the broken relationships she left behind: with her family, with friends, and with herself.

As a teenager, Michelle felt isolated and invisible until she met Sissy, a dynamic and wealthy classmate. Their sudden, intense friendship was all-consuming. Punk rocker Morrison later joins their clique, and they become an inseparable trio. They were the perfect high school friends, bound by dysfunction, bad TV, and boredom - until one of them ends up dead.

Confronting the death of her best friend requires Michelle to face her past if she is going to survive. But what if everything she remembers is a lie? Or just as dangerous: What if it isn't?

Sinkhole is a mesmerizing, darkly comic coming-of-age psychological thriller immersed in 1980s central Florida. A disturbing and skillful exploration of home, friendship, selfhood, and grief set amidst golf courses, mobile homes, and alligators.

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