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Xerography Debt
Looking for the XD Blog? Go to: xerographydebt.blogspot.com/
Xerography Debt is a zine about zines - it has even been described as the PBS of review zines. XD is published in partnership with Microcosm Publishing. Remember, support review zines -- they in turn help support the whole community.
#36 is now available.
#37 will be available this summer - send your zines in for review now.
We also have a zine about zines - MetaZine.

Rigor MortisLooking for the RM Blog? Go to: livingdeadzine.blogspot.com/ Rigor Mortis focuses on all things horror, but especially zombies. Issue #4 takes a serious look at Voodoo Zombies, analyzes Willard, seeps in Bava, delves into queer subtext in The Bride of Frankenstein, and snickers about boobies and willies.
Issue #4 out now!

Check out the new Rigor Mortis art gallery!

Leeking Ink Begun in 1995, this per-zine's whimsical content has included everything from office supply lust and desk obsessions to vacations that include medical oddities in jars and b-movie star adoration. #32, the first new issue in six years, was released at the end of Dec. 2013. The issue is a travel-zine about Puerto Rico.
Issue #32 available!

The Glovebox Chronicles If you have ever driven a car, taken a road trip, cursed the inventor of the combustible engine, or given your car a stupid name, The Glovebox Chronicles is for you.

William P. Tandy and I also have a travel blog where we explore culture, nature, and the strange.

Please check out my sanctuary and wildlife project
Wild Leek Photography

Ninety-Five is a delightful and engaging anthology of writing and photography by rescuers, caregivers, and those who love the animals. Each animal is portrayed with high quality, full-color photographs and a short story that demonstrate the animal's personality, depth, emotions, quirks, relationships, and individuality.

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